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  1. OK, I finally had someone show me how to connect my old hard drive to my new computer as an external drive. Hooray. I loaded v X8 on my new computer and tried to activate it. I get a message that the program is active on my old computer, which, of course, no longer works. How do I deactivate the program from my old computer, that no longer works, and activate it on my new computer?
  2. Forgot I had a digital locker. Thanks
  3. How do I get v8 Chief on my new computer?
  4. If you should lose your toolbars and are going to uninstall/reinstall Chief be sure to delete the Toolbars file under c: program files Chief Architect Chief Architect X(whatever) toolbars. The reinstall does not overwrite the toolbars file. Even after I purchased and installed a newer version did the toolbars reappear.
  5. v X5 I uninstalled the program then reinstalled the program and the problem still exists. The program says that there are no backup files available in order to restore the toolbars. What do I do now?
  6. First I want to say that I am unhappy that each time I call for user support and identify that I am using X5 your system hangs up on me. Very professional of you. Second, Molly was kind enough to answer a few questions that determined that I need to uninstall and reinstall my X5 to solve a problem. I want to thank her for her efforts. Third, I am not current with my SSA, but I do use X5 for my business. How do I uninstall and then reinstall X5 if I am not current with SSA?
  7. v X5 My toolbars were there last Friday and Sunday they were gone. I've tried the restoring them per the help directions to no avail. I've read some of the previous threads to no avail. I've searched the program files to no avail. I've even restored my computer to a date before the problem, to no avail. Any suggestions? Does anyone one have a toolbar file that they can send to me? My e-mail address is
  8. HP110 Wide Format printer for sale. Desktop model. Single sheet feed. $200.00 (does not include shipping) In original box. I have some 24" x 36" and 18" x 24" paper that would be included. Last time I tried to use the machine a piece of paper tore off and it jammed. Have not been able to get it fixed. Contact me at
  9. Can shutters be shown closed?
  10. I've been looking for a switch/button, but, so far no luck. By the way I'm on X5
  11. My appliances and cabinets are going through the walls rather than bumping into them. Looking for a switch to contain my objects.
  12. When I use the copy command for the rafters of the valley the rafters are placed horizontally. They are placed in the plain over which they supposed to lay instead of the correct plain. I'd rather not have to go through the process of creating a polyline solid, but that is what it takes, but then I am getting the above situation. The overhead view is fine and that is what I'm giving the customer, however when I do a framing walk around I see what's in the picture.