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I am looking into software app for my surface pro4 i7 I can use in my PM roll when in the field doing my walkthrough/constructioin administration part of my responsibilities, that will allow me to up load my plans to my SP4, and allows me to make field notes tied to the plan, along with normal documentation when notes and photos that I can tie to specific areas in the project to my plans.

I am researching plangrid now, but asking if any of you long time chiefers have any knowledge of a particular product that has worked well for you or someone you know?

I know I could load a PDF on my SP and use it without using my CAX7, but I've never tried it with taking photos and connecting them to the plan etc.

Thanks for any helpful input!

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For what you are describing, one note will work very well.

There are specific programs like "Builder Trend", but that is kind of overkill for what you are looking for.


If you ever look into it, one note is a very powerful bit of software.   You can "print" anything to it.   There is an app called "office lens" that takes pics or scans from your phone and sends it directly to there.

You can organize your folders however you want.  Combined with outlook, you can set reminders, deadlines.....on and on and on.....

Hard to beat it.  I use it with office 365 so I link my one drive account to it. (which has phone and tablet apps as well).   You can also do dropbox or google drive.

Since I am using Office 365 I just sync my files with one drive.  With my business subscription, I have a 1tb drive size. 

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