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I can't get wall intersections the way I want them because they keep automatically snapping to each other. I'm using "Edit Wall Layer Intersection" and I still can't get it right. It should be pretty easy to figure out what the final product should look like from a 3D view, just a mezzanine half wall that goes to a corner.


I don't know if it's the right way, but the screenshot I attached is what I'm having trouble trying to accomplish in the bottom right corner of the mezzanine. Nothing would go where the red is because the wall on the first floor takes care of that area. The blue rectangle is what I think should be an interior wall with drywall only on the inside, and the wall I outlined in black is the half wall.




Fire house 5334_SF___2 NO WALLS.plan


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You need to better define what you mean when you say "right way" please. On inspection you have the main ceiling set to "Finished Ceiling=191 1/4" and the walls you are complaining of are programmed to "balloon frame through", with those settings, that is what you told the software to do. It has mechanically followed your commands and now you are are complaining that it has done so. I don't get it.



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David, by "right way" I mean the best way anyone might know of that doesn't cause any problems; where wall sizes and positioning are the way I think are correct, nothing overlaps, and what is made in CA looks like how the finished product would be in real life. That screen shot is what I'm trying to accomplish, if doing it that way works then I'd consider it a right way. If it doesn't, then it would be the wrong way to build that corner. I think you "don't get it" because you misunderstood the question. I'm not trying to build anything in the the red space I drew, that space is already occupied by the 1st floor garage wall. That same wall needs to balloon through or else it stops at the ceiling plane and leaves a gap between that and the roof plane. What I'm "complaining" about is that the walls are snapping back to where I moved them from, or to somewhere other than where I'm trying to get them. How the walls are in the screenshot are basically how I want them, but the interior wall that extends into the red space should be pulled back to the outside of the exterior wall, this is what CA isn't letting me do. 


I appreciate you taking the time to try and help, but I don't know why you have to talk to me like that. It could be just because we aren't actually talking and I can't hear the tone of your voice, but telling me I need to explain something to you instead of just asking comes of as condescending and implies that I should've known that you wouldn't understand. Also, "It has mechanically followed your commands and now you are are complaining that it has done so. I don't get it." implies that I'm stupid for not understanding a problem that I'm not even having. And lastly, what did I do differently than everyone else on Chieftalk for you to say I'm complaining? Or is every post on Chieftalk just someone complaining to you? When I do have trouble I don't just come to Chieftalk to complain, I try to solve any problem I have on my own first and post in here as a last resort. When I do post, I'm genuinely curious as to what's causing the problem and I want to understand as much as I can about this program because I care about my job and want to be the best employee I can be. The way you just responded was not only a little insulting, but discourages from being a part of the Chieftalk community. I'm not really mad or care that much (enough to type all this haha) but I just wanted you to see my side of it in case you respond to someone else who wouldn't take an answer like that so lightly. Also, like I said, from my point of view I was just asking for help and you basically called me a stupid whiner in a condescending tone, so I guess I kind of had to defend myself a bit too.


Eric, can you explain what you mean by an "open below configuration"? The only way I can think of to do that is the way I originally tried building the garage area. I had walls on the 2nd floor that created the garage space, which I defined as open below, but the floor system remained in the walls and showed through the garage doors. How I have it now seemed like the next best way to get what I want without that problem.


I've worked on the plan since my original post and that corner doesn't have anything wrong with it visually anymore. It looks finished, but that interior wall is still in the red space of my screenshot, so I have a wall inside of a wall. I think it'll work for now, but I don't know what problems it will cause down the line (I don't think I'll have to show framing for this project, and if I do it won't be for a while). I would still like to know if there's an easier way to control how walls connect, or if I can change a setting that I don't know about yet.


Fire house 5334_SF___2 NO WALLS.plan

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