Group Select Fill Layer To Adjust Transparency?


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I am drawing a multi-family apartment with 8 apartments and I am wanting to group select the fill layer where I have hatched each apartment differently so the HVAC contractor knows which rooms go with each apartment. Because each apartment has several different rooms of course I have to go to each room to adjust the transparency of the hatching in that room. In a previous CAD program I used there was a tool to "select by" with numerous options to select by objects, layers fixtures, etc. so if you wanted to select all hatch lines at once (regardless if they were all the same hatch pattern or not) it was just a couple of clicks and then you could set the level of transparency for all the hatch patterns at once without having to go in every room.

Does CA have anything like this? Or is there a way to do this easily? I've attached a picture of the main floor if that helps understand what I am trying to do. The HVAC contractor needs to see the differentiation between apartments while seeing where the units are placed in the apartments....

Hope this all makes sense!


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I am not 100% sure of what you want.

But..if you want to select all the rooms with the same hatch pattern (as for 1 apartment) you can do this with the Match Properties tool. 

Select a room.

Select Match Properties from the Edit toolbar.

Check Fill Type and OK.

All the rooms with that fill type will now be selected.

Select the Open Object icon on the Edit toolbar.

Change the Fill Style as required - this will change the fill style for all the selected rooms.


Unfortunately, you can't select rooms with different hatch patterns and edit their fill properties in one go.

The above method only works where the hatch patterns are the same - for one apartment at a time.

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