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I am still using an old version(v10.08b)...I know I know...upgrade upgrade....yah yah yah. I simply don't have the money...YET. I was out of it for a while because of the big D. I know I know I know....upgrade upgrade get training get training read the help topics...yah yah yah... I don't have time. I finally got another dog gone job and at the same time I was trying to finish this fiasco up so that I can quit stressing, get it done and get my rent paid. Side note...used to be a mortgage payment...now it's rent.


Anyhow. Can anyone help me with this whole roof thing? I have attached the *.plan file. It has some funky roof line edges and the framer is going to have a heck of a time with this. It is not complete with windows, doors and all...and yes, the small existing cabin to the left has correct floor heights. It's an Alaskan cabin that these folks are going to add on to. Different floor heights and it's has been a section nightmare. Please note, I do not use Chief for doing my construction drawings as I have been using AutoCAD for over 22 years and I can sooooooo blaze through the drawings waaaaayyyy faster than I can in Chief. That is NOT a slam on Chief or any of it's users, it's just a fact that I am going with what I know and I know AutoCAD.


If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it. I am SERIOUSLY stressing over this. My new job uses AutoCAD but I am going to show them the power of Chief as a tool to use during homeowner meetings and sales and hopefully they will purchase it...which will allow me to tinker more with the latest version. Certainly I won't have to deal with funky arse roof lines like this. I would really love to have the new version of Chief myself, but I can't afford it, not even monthly. I am barely making it.


I can send my email address if it's not already visible in my info...I dunno...I am barely online at all cause it's really mind numbing to me. I much prefer being out in the Alaskan wonders and hookin and shooting animals for food. :-)


I will even call you on my dime if you can help me to fix it myself with an understanding that I am a novice. I really need to just finish this and move on. Geez I wish I could just have some easy roof lines....but I have had to take what I can get and lately that ain't much.


I do SINCERELY appreciate anyone's help, time, knowledge and compassion.


With Very Warm Regards,

Tim J

T-Square Drafting & Design, LLC


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