Editing Blocks?


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If you have a Block with many lines & you want to adjust a line or two.

How do you edit that block only. Exploding it where it sits because too many other objects around and to re block is a PITA.

The Layer filter thing is doable in most cases but seems like a lot of hoops to jump through.


In Autocad, just double click & a dialog pops up, option to edit, Yes puts you in a isolated space no other objects.

When saved back you come to the drawing, any other blocks of the same name are updated too.



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Use the CAD Block Management dbx to select and insert a copy of the block. Explode the copy. Edit the linework, then re-block and change the name to the original block name and accept the name change in the warning dbx that pops up. All instances of the original block will be updated.

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