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    • By PJS-59
      I like HO Railroads. I am getting started on a new layout and want to build HO Scale Houses and buildings.  I figured I could create the building plan with Chief Architect and print the elevations with Scale Dimensions to use for cutting and building the scale model.  I have created the first building, was able to set the print scale for HO (1/7" = 1') and print a "Full Size" elevation that I can use a ruler to get measurements from, or use as a template and cut printout and balsa wood together.
      Can anyone give me any ideas on how to show scale dimensions?  Ex house is 50' wide, HO Scale would be 7.14".  a 7' high Door would be 1" high on HO Scale model.
      I have attached the 1st plan file
      Basic 50x4 Duplex.plan
    • By ShelbyTRI
      I am trying to figure out how to change the line weights of the 2D symbols in a schedule.
      I create a schedule in a CAD detail, send it to the layout, and scale it to appropriately fit the page.
      However, when I print the layout, the 2D symbols look extremely thick. How can I make the line weights of the symbols thinner?
      I've tried editing within the schedule, and changing the text height to a smaller size (1"), which this works to make the symbols thinner, but then the text is too hard to read.
      Also, is there a way to make a schedule have multiple columns?

    • By ChiefUserRudolf
      Good day.
      Can someone please help me to adjust the scale of my layout. I use the metric profile and want to see my objects in meters, but the size is very large, it shows 12,34m units in the dialog number settings under Number Styles. In version x7 it shows 0,450m units in the same settings. If I build a short wall for example the length is like 1200m.

      Thank you.
    • By kal152
      I am trying to place the scale macro into a layout template and it changes numbers when you zoom in and out. When I print the plan it shows a scale of 1' = 1" but my plan is 1/4" I am not sure how to make this pull of the plan scale.

    • By Decorationarts
      I want to resize my Elevation Symbols once I draw them as this picture, . That is, if I created them in 1/8 scale, but I then want them in 1/2 scale (the smaller), I am not finding any way to do that other then re-create them.