Tile pattern generator


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Tile pattern generator
Modern patterns now can be easily generated with output to seamless jpg patterns. :)
DWG files in 2d to match created patterns.
home website:
Mosa Pattern Generator
Mosa Pattern Generator instruction video
The Mosa Pattern Generator is a simple online design tool that can be used to design unique and creative patterns. The generator’s library contains a large selection of grids and patterns for inspiration, all developed by the Mosa design team. The patterns can be applied directly as they are and can also serve as the 
basis for a custom pattern.
DWG 2d Grids of Patterns
About Mosa
Mosa A day in the Life - English subtitles

As a Dutch tile manufacturer with over 130 years of experience,
Mosa offers unique and distinct tile concepts for walls, floors,
facades and terraces.
In the USA the products of Mosa are promoted, sold and distributed
exclusively by Mosa USA, Inc.
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Good information

We should convince Chief Architect to produce a "tile generator" along the same idea - it would be a great improvement to the program.

As far as I can work out - at the moment you can adjust the tile position in ray trace but not when you are using room fills which is a pity

The tiler needs to know where you want the tiles to start from, and where to end with half tiles etc - much needed work here by Chief Architect.

Lets hope the next version has a few more improvements!

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Definitely agree with MM407p. One of the biggest things lacking in chief is a tile tool. The ability to load Multiple faces, ie 9 faces, into the material object when you create it makes such a huge difference in the realism of the rendering. You simply can't show a client a single face of a V3 or higher face variant tile and get a real representation. Being able to then access materials to input in a pattern generator would be huge, especially if it had a manufacturers grout catalog that was adjustable for size and color. As it is now you have to generate the JPG play with sizes and you can get it pretty close, but it can be  a time consuming endeavor and the results aren't always what they could be.


Side Note:

When using chief to determine things like Rough Framing height for a shower bench, niche, pony wall, etc. it can be a pain to calculate actual tile H, grout joint H, Shower pan thickness, shower floor tile thickness, finished tile thickness, thinset, and finished tile backer. When you do you can produce a wall tile layout without cuts due to vertical layout that is really awesome. Does anyone know an easier way to determine this?

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