Need help on Issues with Exterior Elevations


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  • Gable Above Entry is surpose to continue above to top of right 2 windows of house like attached jpeg elevation picuture. I cannot get it to do it. 
  • Opening showed on left side of small gable & Right brick wall column shows wd, needs removed
  • Right side of House has post 3' off property line on first level and 5 rt off property line for bldg on second level. Need to close in btm of eave of small roof on right side of porte-co-chere so cannot see joists.
  • Beam below 2nd floor spanning across the driveway below needs to be premfg brick w/o beam showing.

Thanks, if anyone can helppost-2562-0-25822400-1444942241_thumb.jpgp. Attached is file of project.


Newell Cheatheam 

713.385.3622 post-2562-0-25822400-1444942241_thumb.jpg


Waltz.James.Elizabeth 10.2015.plan

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      We have a completed plan in Chief Architect 7 that needs some tweaking (make sure roof line is correct, finish on floors needs to be polished concrete, not aggregate, etc., all door finishes need to match) and someone to create a more photo realistic look (we think ours is a little cartooning looking, along with a 3D video walk through in MP4 format) - see attached photos and file.  
      This is now a time sensitive project so please contact me ASAP or directly at 310-720-2807 and
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