Need help on Issues with Exterior Elevations


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  • Gable Above Entry is surpose to continue above to top of right 2 windows of house like attached jpeg elevation picuture. I cannot get it to do it. 
  • Opening showed on left side of small gable & Right brick wall column shows wd, needs removed
  • Right side of House has post 3' off property line on first level and 5 rt off property line for bldg on second level. Need to close in btm of eave of small roof on right side of porte-co-chere so cannot see joists.
  • Beam below 2nd floor spanning across the driveway below needs to be premfg brick w/o beam showing.

Thanks, if anyone can helppost-2562-0-25822400-1444942241_thumb.jpgp. Attached is file of project.


Newell Cheatheam 

713.385.3622 post-2562-0-25822400-1444942241_thumb.jpg


Waltz.James.Elizabeth 10.2015.plan

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