Roof Framing Issues

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First I'd like to thank the people who are taking time out of their busy day to help me with this problem I'm having. What I'm trying to achieve is proving to be quite difficult. After watching Scott's videos on roofs, I'm still stumped. I'm trying to set my framing defaults to the way my company builds the roof in the field. Typically we use a 2 x 10 rafter with a 2 x 6 fascia. Whenever I try to change the fascia settings in the dialogue box I get these wacky results. Attached are a few pics of what I'm trying to achieve. Also attached is the plan I'm futzing with and a screenshot of my results. I keep getting this gap between the soffit and the bottom of the roof plane. What am I doing wrong?







Roof Trouble.plan

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Hi Ross ,


It was just your Framing defaults , subfascias must always be 1 nominal size smaller than the Fascia used on the Gable or Eave otherwise there is no room for the Soffit material


Your sketch shows no Eave subfascia so I turned it off   ( if there is one it would need to be a 2x4 with 2x6 fascia)


Your Gables do have subfascia as you need backing for the soffit, so it needs to  be 2x4 too. (would be nailed to lookouts as a fly rafter) 

                          ( in your last pic I think the Gables are 2x8 , at least so the Subfascia would be 2x6 or 1 size smaller)




Roof Trouble_MH.plan




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