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Since most rendering softwares utilize CPU only...the faster/more cores the better.


Also something to consider is that the architecture of the CPU has changed in 4 1/2 years.  So a 3.4 GHz i7 now will be faster than your 4 1/2 year old 3.4 GHz i7.

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Im looking into Thea right now as they have a special running. Which version do you use? I don't see one for CA.

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Spot on Rich. The law of diminishing returns applies to Raytracing. Each pass imparts a refinement based upon the previous pass. If one assumes that this refinement provides a 50% improvement then the following can be assumed.


1 pass = 50% of the maximum image quality

2 passes = 75%

3 passes = 87.5%

4 passes = 93.75%

5 passes = 96.875%


After 10 passes if the image quality from a resolution perspective is unsatisfactory then an approach other than increasing the number of passes should be considered. The best I have found is to increase the pixel count. For example, if the original image size in pixels is 1960 X 1080 then increase this to 3920 X 2160, this will quadropal the number of pixels used to render the scene. I ran a 1960 X 1080 scence for 50 passes which took about 1 hour, the same scene at 3920 X 2160 was run for 10 passes which took only 30 minutes and the resolution was siginificantly better than the first. Like a digital camera, the more pixels the better the resolution. A 1960 X 1080 scene is equivalent to a 2 mega pixel camera.


Just a note when using the Raytrace DBX to increase the resolution. If the width & height is set in pixel units then the DPI setting has no impact on the reolution, it only determines the intended printout size. However, if the width & height is set in inch units then the DPI setting determines resolution.




THIS, is very helpful information... Thanks.

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