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hello all,


I manually built my foundation walls, and just as I finished...realized I had forgotten my PT sill plates under the floor joist/on top of the foundation wall.


I can manually add this plate by dropping my foundation walls 1.5" and inserting the plate to fill the void.  HOWEVER, then the wall does not recognize the manually added PT sill plate and stops the sheathing and siding 1.5" short of where I need it to be.


My question is... can I do anything to have chief recognize this manually added PT plate as the "sill plate" that chief would have auto added if I wasn't being dumb





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Chief should automatically generate the sill for you, I would guess something isn't set up correctly. There is a place to size the plate height in the foundation DBX, then rebuild from the foundation level. You can also post the plan if I'm guessing wrong.

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