Batch download of Bonus and Manufacturer catalogs?


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Now that I've acquired a second computer for field work I suddenly realized I only had my core catalogs with me and none of the bonus and manufacturer catalogs that I've collected on my main computer.


Is there a way to download all of them at once? And is there a way to see which ones that are new and that I'm missing?



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no there isn't


I have been requesting this for many releases :(


you can call CA's sales and request a library DVD for approx. $50


if you do it now it may contain most of the X6 libraries

however as time goes by it will be more and more outdated


I just called to get an X5 library DVD and found it was over a year old :(

Thus, it is totally worthless at this point :(



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also, once you get "everything" for Bonus and Manuf

you will have a very hard time staying current when new libs are released


do a library update will only get updates for libs you have installed

not new libs


you will also never know if the counts are correct


CA has made this process very, very tedious



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there is


in your main computer go to hidden folder files in program data 


copy the files for the version you are using to a flash disk


transfer the same to the new computer either by import library


or by copying them to the hidden files folder in the new computer.


and you are done.


remember to copy even the reference files.


good day!

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I've tried copying already installed libraries and tend to have problems.


When you download the libraries onto your computer they are saved in the "Downloads" folder (or where ever you had them downloaded) If you copy all of them onto a flash disk of over a network you can highlight about 10 libraries at a time and click run. It will install them one after the other with no interaction from you. When finished just update the libraries. Add new libraries to your saved downloads so you'll have them when you need to re-install.


I've tried all sorts of ways to do it and this seems to work the best. 



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The simplest, brute force way to setup a second computer is to copy the entire data folder structure.


This may not have the blessing of Chief Architect support, but it can save a day of waiting on downloads... here in Australia, I'd swear every byte of data that leaves the US via Internet, is scrutinised by a snifter... it takes well over 6 hours to download / update X6 libraries!


I've updated four computers from X5 to X6 and have had to find a faster way.


On Windows 7 and 8 look under "C:\ProgramData\Chief Architect Premier X6"

Copy all of the folders except "Program Data" to the new computer into the same relative folder locations. (Replace or Skip any that may have been created by the new installation).


The "don't_change.dat" file contains your license registration data. Do not copy it across computers without Deactivating your license first.


Also: don't bother allowing a new installation of Chief X6 copying libraries from an installation of X5... it's a waste of time, since almost all the libraries will need to be updated to X6... and that can take a long time on a slow net.


It took 10 hours to download all of the X6 Manufacturers and Bonus Libraries in preparation to doing a fresh installation of X6. That is a total of 3.77GB of 183 files. Took 10 hours to download them all. Do it once and save them if you have not already updated all of your first X6 installation. It was not a batch download. I found that Windows 8.1 IE will queue up to 3 download files reliably at the same time... so you don't have to sit there and wait for the big ones. Pushing IE beyond 3 simultaneous downloads caused confusion.






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