X7 Crashing On Export

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So X7 decides to crash whenever we try to export a 3D model to any format and this is only on one of our computers in the office.  This happens to be the one we use to export to Lumion so needless to say it's a pain in the butt right now.  Only started happening a week or 2 ago.


anyone ever have an issue with this and if so any resolution?  I'll be submitting to Tech Support but just curious if anyone else had this happen.

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Since this is only happening on one of your computers, then it is probably system related and the key will be figuring out what is different on that computer.


First, if you have not rebooted it lately, then do so.


Next, if you are not using the latest update, then download and install it.


After that, the next thing to look at is whether you are using the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Chief.  If you are using the 32 bit version, then my first guess would be that you are running out of memory.  The easiest way to solve that problem is to use the 64 bit version.  If you are already using the 64 bit version, then working with tech support is going to be your best option.

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hi, had that problem for 6 weeks.

lost lots of time and money trying to sort it out.

my problem was exporting and saving as.

go directly to the support team. 

they will give you a direction were as to send them some info for them to guide you through a process to take something out of your systems.

it not difficult to follow.

but i sympathies with you.

hope you sort it out soon

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