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I am considering having someone with more experience and time do a site plan for an upcoming 6-1 acre lot development for a builder client that could be used upfront in the marketing process and then used for each home as they are built. I would expect to have an autocadd of the attached pdf to import. I am less than skilled at the contour manipulations and feel it might be best to have someone more skilled at it provide it.  It would include  the 2 bordering roads and the private street and a small stream shown on pdf. It does not require adding trees ( optional ).  I can add those and an entry feature and misc. items. A few things I am not sure can be done but would like to investingate.


1. Can a single site model  indicate the whole site as well as show individual property lines? Or does it require adding a fence or some solid polyline applied to the model at ground level to indicate it and possibly building setbacks ? Obviously I would like to be able to easily spilt of the individual lots later as the homes are designed and save a version to add a model of each finished home onto the overall site later. I dont use chief for CD's as those are done on Autocadd so if that makes a difference.I use chief for visual aspect for clients and marketing etc. 


2. If you are interested could you please provide me a price or ballpark price and ask any questions or provide any feedback on this approach. Also if you could give a rough timeframe to complete once given an ok.


Please send your thoughts to me in email.




Nelson Behr

Design Directive



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