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  1. Thanks, Eric, I am really thrilled how fast I got the answer to a problem that took me the entire day...
  2. Eric, you are genius. I can't thank you enough. After I deliver this job, I will have to return to the file and figure out how that happened, but at this moment Iam just extremely happy that you found the solution.
  3. This is updated file - after I made wall framing. Framing looks normal. Can this be some problem with the ceiling framing? MacBain Av - AS BUILT.plan
  4. I just did, thanks. If you have any suggestions about the signature, please feel free to suggest.
  5. I am working on As-Built recreation of a house, built in California, in a period of 1960-1980 (with several remodels and additions). The framing was done somewhat differently than it is usually in the other parts of the States, and the existing Plan Set is hand-drafted and equipped with very few dimensions. Most of the dimensions are site-verified, and I made some progress making a plan file, but the Chief doesn't seem to like the way this house was built. At this moment I encountered a problem that I never had before (using Chief on a daily basis since X6): After I added the roofs, this strange white belt appeared around the entire lower part of the house. I painted part of this in red, so I can identify what is it - looked like some strange belly-band, but piercing through the roof plane. -After I painted it red, it appeared to be a second ceiling plane - probably some kind of the second floor, that I can't access by DBX of any room. By the way, the room DBX shows the normal height of 97-1/8", and nothing above. No second floor. Also, at the perspective view, you can notice a gap in the exterior wall, where this ceiling plane ends. By the way, I can modify the platform option, because I need it to show properly first-floor floor joist - I already tried that. Whatever I do, I can't get rid of this plane. Any kind of help will be appreciated and welcome since I tried every trick from my bag... MacBain Av - AS BUILT.plan
  6. So did I. David's both old (and new) videos are great for learning, but I must admit that I also used a lot of Dan Baumann's stuff. These two sites taught me how to use Chief properly.
  7. So far, Chopsaw's method works just fine. I need that to be accurate mostly in 2D, for roof framing plan. As it comes to some 3d presentation, I just intend to add one single perspective view, and get rid of this Plan File ASAP.
  8. Chopsaw, this is an amazing video. What was most unbelievable was that I tried the same, but made Psolid from section view, and wasn't able to rotate so it rests completely over sheathing. The trick was to make solid from the plan view. Thanks, Man, you did a job on it!
  9. Major problem was that roofer insisted on accurate roof framing plan, and I was too stupid to say "Yo, man, if you need such a detailed plan to make 2 crickets, don't even start the job"... Luckily, I am doing this job on hourly base, so I will have his scalp ...
  10. Sorry, I should have warned you - framing is in layer set "Framing - first floor with rafters", or something like that.
  11. What we need is the ability to assign some kind of "local coordinate system", without complicated calculations and brainstorming - like in AutoCAD - Grab object and click "assign user coordinate system".
  12. And dream in Chief. But today was one nice nightmare.
  13. Softplan and Sketch-up and every other software that I don't have use for, because most of the clients insist on Chief. Not to mention that after all these years I bread by Chief...
  14. I am uploading, but goes slowly. Looks like not my day. 1016_N_Arlington_Mill_Dr-PROPOSED-V3.plan