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Greetings all,


Not able to close siding over stairs...........?

I created a 6" concrete-trim piece on the right side of the stairs, how can I do the same on the left side of the stairs?

How can I set the stair-railing on top of the 6" concrete-trim piece after I have the trim piece set?

How can I create railing around the top of the stoop?.......without losing my footings?


CA Dilemmas (06-10-2024).jpg

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1.  Siding problem.  Don't know and would be best to post the plan so that people could poke around and see what it causing that.  You will need to close the plan and probably zip it up in order to post it on the forum.

2.  Stair trim.  Well, did you try doing the same thing you did on the right side?  Usually for concrete stairs like this, I will start with "closed stringers" and then switch to "custom" so I can set the stringer thickness to something like 4-6".  I also like to set the "height below tread" to a large value, tread overhang and thickness to 0, to make it look like solid concrete steps.

3. You can get an automatic stair railing on top of a closed stringer.

4. If you build it as a landing, you can have railings on the sides you want.  You can also set the thickness to match your stairs.  Not sure what you mean about losing your footings though.


The picture below is what I was able to do with just a stair and landing.  I couldn't figure out an easy way to get the top of the stringer to be cutoff at the landing height though.


concrete stairs.jpg

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Your stoop-stairs will need a foundation/footing...........I drew mine with the foundation-wall tool, then followed through with ceiling/floor heights, just couldn't get the trim on the left side to show, also would have the iron-railing to set upon the concrete stair trim and above on the slab as well............no wood railing attached to the side of the concrete.


Thanks DB!

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