Text Arrows and Leaders are CAD not Text!!!


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Ok, here attached is an image of an issue that I occaissionally have and can never figure out why when creating  a Line of Text with a Leader line arrow, I sometimes get a second arrow at the change of leader line direction (elbow). This is frustrating when it happens but I figured out the issue today.


In my attached image, my roofing material is Modified Bitument and for some reason, the horizontal lines of this material pattern are individually selectable as CAD Lines. (while on the phone with Tech Support, I realized that I must have manually drawn the horizontal lines on my roof elevation view, so there's nothing wierd with the Mod-Bit roof pattern, my Bad) When I try to play a text line with leader arrow (Chief continues to name these "dumb" which is misleading), I get two leader lines with arrows . When I place the same text line with leader arrow in a different space off to the side of the roof, I get the expected result of one arrow.  Also in my image, I created a CAD Polygon (I still don't know what a polyline is from my days in geometry class - to me, a polyline would be an un-closed polygon) with horizontal CAD lines 0.25" OC. When I place a line of Text with a leader line and arrow, I get the same issue as I did placing my text object on my roof plane. So, the problem is occurring because Chief's Leader Lines with Arrows are CAD items on a CAD layer and I think they should be Text Items on a Separate Text Layer. When you Underline a section of Text, Chief doesn't treat the underline as a separate CAD Line, so why do it with our Text Leader Lines and Arrows?


So, is this a Bug or just a "fringe benefit" of Chief's layering logic? I'm open for the critiques, bring em!!

Text Arrows are CAD.png

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1 minute ago, Dermot said:

Please post this plan along with detailed steps for exactly how you are trying to draw the text with leader line and someone here will be more than happy to look into this.


Hey Dermot,

I just edited my post, there's no issue with the Mod-Bit roof material pattern but the issue does occur with the CAD lines that I had evidentally drawn manually but forgot.. I couldn't get your phone tech (Devin) to get the same results so I'm sending the plan in with "Attention Devin".- Thanks BB

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