Window arch trans mulling bug


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I had forgotten about this one, but anyone else have a fix?   


4-mulled units.


Two lower mulled first.

Two upper (1/2 arch) mulled second.

When you then mull the top and bottom together it makes the upper trans both full arch.


Disclaimer.  Current SSA but still working in 14 as I have never taken the time to upgrade to 15.  Dont know if it is fixed there or not.  But might be worth my time even if it just fixes that bug.   Any body got any ideas?


I The work around I have done in the past, is make single arch above and fudge my elev w/ cad line work to make it look like there are two frames.


Pics of pre-mull (upper and lower) and post mull result below.

Fixed in X15?






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Forgot this work around.

Set upper mulled trans unit to have sill.  Un check apron and I created a very small cad block so sill is very small.  (uncheck 'apron').   Hit 'clear' under the library profile and it will remove molding.




Set lower mulled unit to 'lintel' and hit 'clear' to remove the molding.


Looks pretty good, except in 3d the molding for the 'sill' extends to outer part of casing.

OK for plan view but no good for 3d color.


I made a 1/16 sq molding for sill but it will only let it go so small.

For 3D I see 2 solutions.


-Take casings off all windows and then add casing as molding polyline manually from ele view.


-Use my lintel/sill trick and for the 3d make a very small solid that hides the sill and color match.


Latter one is probably the fastest.


Fin product elev and 3d with sill/lintel trick.  Note:  I did not do the color mask for the sill.  Just showing how I got around it.








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I don't have this problem...unless I'm not doing what you want?

I'm using X15...


Step 1...mull the two rectangular top windows

Step 2...Select mulled unit and apply a broken arch top

Step 3...Mull the two lower window units

Step 4...Mull the two mulled units together. 



2023-12-06_15-46-39.thumb.png.db6beff0f6fd16f9567bd769c48cee71.png 2023-12-06_15-47-03.thumb.png.96c8fa55271e04dee36b2048a58d03d5.png 2023-12-06_15-47-21.thumb.png.259fbf7b4cafb3e517b1ca75d3bd25de.png 2023-12-06_15-47-44.thumb.png.09c2df8a67133e0fb13445fd4244cb4f.png

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I need to get around to installing x15 ;)    I keep saying when I get done with the 'next' project..   

Just as a follow up.   I rendered it (very quickly I might sidewalks or drive and just dropped in a few bushes to break up the front).   It actually rendered fine...  





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