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I use a rectangular polyline to outline the notes and diagrams I send to layout.

When they arrive in the layout, some of the polyline outlines are invisible.  If I click on the layout box border and extend it a little past the polyline, the polyline will display.  This does not happen with all of the polylines, but a few on each layout sheet.
Is there a setting to offset the layout box border from the item being sent to the layout?



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There is no way I know of to specify an offset.  I did notice that if I took a blank floor plan and just drew a normal poly and sent the view to layout that the program automatically created a slight offset for me.  See picture below.  I also noticed that it did this if I did the same thing in a cad detail.  


Not really sure why this isn't working the same for you.  You might want to post a plan or report this to tech support.


I suppose if all else fails, you could always create your own "offset" by doing a concentric copy of the poly and then setting the line style to "invisible".  It should still be used for sizing the layout box but it won't actually display.


layout box.png

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