Putting sill frame on SGD


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I tend to use a molding polyline and make the molding thick enough to cover the sill, thus leaving the door at the current height but covering the existing sill with whatever sill material I want to show. It covers a little bit of the door but keeps the schedule in tact.


As far as the schedule goes, in my part of the world, all trimmer studs and cripples are physically cut from the lift of studs and all RSO's come from the door supplier. This translates to the cut man on site following the manufacture's RSO and his own building practices all while grabbing lumber from the same lift. I have gone into the material list board specification and made a bunch of the common CA measurements for trimmer studs (interior and exterior swing doors, sliding door, OH door and windows) have a 'comment' of our pre-cut stud size.  Contractors order by looking at the 'comment' column just as much as the size and description columns.



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