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Is there a way to rotate the Note Number, in plan view?

The situation is that I draw the house in the wrong direction, meaning that the long side of the house was vertical on my screen.

I rotated the plan so that the long side of the house would be horizontal on my screen, but the Note Number didn't followed. 

They stayed oriented to match the original vertical orientation of my drawing.

I want to keep the plan in the landscape orientation of screen and paper.


Chief 13, on a Mac.

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11 hours ago, Luciano said:

removed the check mark beside Rotate with plan

It took me a minute to figure that out myself a month or so ago.  To me, by having it checked means you do want it rotated with the plan, right?  That's what I was thinking anyways, if my layout view is rotated, I want that note to rotate as well.

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