Arched corner windows. Possible?


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Have current project that needed gothic arched corner free window.      I could not figure out how to do normally within chief.   Corner windows easy.  Goes away as soon as you arch or shape.

Am I missing anything?


I used some 'work arounds' to do this.



Also the keen eye will notice the wood insets cutting the brick veneer.   Chief does not like to do this either.   Even with material regions, it leaves some of the veneer material at sill  and header.   This was an easier work-around than window....









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Your way looks pretty good.

How did you do yours?

You can get the shaped openings ok using the Inserts Into Wall option for a "palce holder" symbol.

ie, use the symbol to create the cutout and then use Edit Wall Cutout Polyline to shape the cutout as required.

This will only give you the hole though.

You would then need to add glass and trim - using objects like solids and molding polylines or similar.

 There are probably other ways as well.





Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 11.29.48 am.jpg

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I just used the square window (no casing in or out)  and then made 3d solid overlays to 'hide' the part of window I did not want.   I then made my sills out of solids and precast casing is a 3d molding poly line.

You can see my solid selected in 2nd pic. 

Did same for interior.  Does not look bad.   I do my elev in 'line drawings' so I will have to delete the lines created by solids but this was the best way I could think to approach.

Just was wondering if I was missing something?







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