Looking for a residential home designer for design driven homebuilder.


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We are a family owned company who build 2400-3000 square feet single family homes. We are looking for fresh designs that complement our historically inspired, but modern aesthetic. We build custom and spec homes--about 25 a year--and currently work with five to six plans at a time. 




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Hi Daniel,


Where in OK?


My daughter lives in Edmond and we're there 2-3 times a year, so I'm somewhat familiar with Oklahoma building practices.


In addition to mmy design practice, I am the national designer for a kit-home company in NE so working remotely and in multiple jurisdictions is not something new for me.


Currently on X15. Can provide references.

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If you are in need of residential CAD drawings, please contact me!

My name is Jenny Burger, and I am the owner of CADesigns, LLC.  I have over 28 years of experience in the design industry with ten years of experience in kitchen and bath design. I specialize in producing 2D and 3D residential architectural drawings. I have extensive experience as it relates to residential new construction, additions, and renovations.

I bill by the hour for the initial meeting, CAD time, site measuring, project time, phone meetings, and all subsequent meetings. I charge $.60 cents/mile from my location (Norcross, GA) to and from job sites and meetings.
After reviewing your plans, project requirements, meeting and/or site measuring and learning more about your project, I can give you an estimated number of hours. The exact number of revisions and exact drawings required for permitting will affect the price. For the sake of clarity, all plans from preliminary plans up through construction plans must be communicated between and confirmed by both parties. 

Initially, I will create schematic space planning floor plans. Once the floor plans are finalized, I will create the 3-D perspective color drawings, if necessary. Finally, I will draw the technical permit drawings. Please provide me with a list of drawings required by you and for permitting. The required drawings for permitting typically can be found on the county's website. During the design phase, I will email you the PDF drawings to review, approve, and print to scale. Please make sure "Actual Size" is checked when printing the PDF drawings. During the design phase, I will invoice periodically throughout the project. I will invoice as I email PDF drawing sets to approve. For instance, once I email the initial conceptual floor plans to you to review and approve, at this time, I will, also, email an invoice for the work completed thus far. Once a payment has been made, I will email the updated plans to include dimensions and to print to scale, and then begin the next set of revisions and/or drawings.


It is important to note that I am not an architect. I am a CAD technician with a B.S. in Interior Design. Therefore, my drawings may need to be stamped/sealed by a registered/certified architect or engineer as required by local law, ordinance, and code. Any structural drawings pertaining to weights/loads such as footing details, floor framing plans/roof framing plans, retaining walls, foundation plans, LVL/headers, etc. must be drawn and approved by an engineer. However, if the contractor knows and provides me with the required materials/sizes/spacing/headers/footings/foundation/specifications for the structural drawings, I can draw them. 

Below is a link showing examples of my work:


I look forward to working with you!

Jenny Burger

RESUME' - www.linkedin.com/in/jennyburger/



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