Easy way to transfer custom textures from computer to computer?


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I have multiple computers that I use for my job, a laptop, home office desktop and office desktop. It drives me nuts if I need to work on a design from more than one computer because all of the textures I have are associated with the computer and not the project file. So if I have been working predominantly on one computer, every custom texture I imported is lost if I use another computer. Is there a was to transfer texture data with the project file so it can be worked on from multiple computers? 


I work on windows 10 on each computer.

I am currently using 15x(Beta) but this have been a consistent issue with older versions as well.  

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18 hours ago, glennw said:

Backup Entire Plan.


Use Backup Entire Layout if you have one for the Project , this will also back up all Referenced Plans and textures.



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