Flat Roof Trusses with parpartet wall around issues.


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Coffee shop- I am having problems with  a flat roof maybe 2 in pitch from right to left with parapet walls above and flashing cap on all the walls. Can anyone help me solve these issues? I would appreciate the help. 




Newell Cheatheam

Katy, Tx. 713.385.3622


Chief Architect 14

windows computer 

rendering 3d -roof needed 01.20.2023.jpg

Coffee Shop.zip

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    • By AET-Phil
      I would like someone to help me set up a flat roof on my plan.  There are three ceiling heights.  The flat trusses would be constant height - 4 ft.  So, there would be three respective roof heights, each separated with a parapet wall.  I then also need to get the wall framing and new roof framing to all be correct and show up properly.
      If the person that responds is qualified, I would also like to generate a framing plan.   I would like to get responses from anyone that is interested before sending my current plan.  But for now, I can send a picture of what the house looks like (minus the roof/truss system).
      Thank You.  Philip 

    • By Randall30
      I want to put vertical weathered lap siding on a house exterior but I do not see this in the materials listing, there is only horizontal weathered lap siding as shown in attached image. Is there a way to make it vertical??? Ultimately I am trying to go for a look like with the Juvet Landscape Hotel siding (photo attached). Can anybody help me? (I am using Chief Architect Home Designer Suite 2016 and if I can get this to work I will likely upgrade to the Architect version.). If needed I am even willing to purchase a separate materials library if it would accomplish this. Or do I need to create my own material?

    • By Designer100
      1. I am having a problem getting this front entry porch to look right. need 18 in between btm and to top of roof. Also need the railing to set on it with posts on each corner. Cannot seem to get it to work. 
      2. is there a way to put 2 in dentals 6" o.c. on the fascia 2nd floor and first floor roof across the front down garage right side. Do I need to remove the gutters for this to happen? attached is picuture I am having issues with. 
      I would apprectiate any ones help.
      Newell Cheatheam
      x10 , windows 10

    • By gobuildone
      Greetings,  does anyone have suggestions on best method to build a flat roof on a garage?   Should I just use a floor system or can I build a zero pitched roof system?   
      Thank you,
    • By Chief_Content
      Hello All!
      Welcome to those of you using Chief Architect X10!
      You may have noticed some of the selections in our generic Core Materials are quite different in the new release. We re-vamped some of these categories and replaced them with versions that we hope are much more accurate and realistic, and are also higher resolution and quality.
      If you don't feel like you are seeing these changes, please run the "Update Library Catalogs" command from the Library menu and then restart Chief Architect to ensure you have the most current Library Browser content.
      Specifically you'll notice differences in these areas:
      Blocks Brick Landscaping Roofing Sheet Metal Siding Stucco Textured Glass Tile Wood Flooring Wood  
      Although things have moved around a bit you should not experience missing file errors for plans coming forward from previous versions. Even so, I highly recommend maintaining plans via the "Backup Entire Plan" tool when transitioning from one version to another, simply because it is a reliable way to archive your projects for posterity and to transition between versions. If you prefer older materials, you can always add your favorites to your User Library from existing plans.
      We will continue to update the remaining Materials and categories in the Library Browser, so you can expect to see more additions in the future. 
      If there are specific materials that you would like represented in our generic material selection, please let us know! We are working to improve the quality and usability to be as relevant and as useful as possible. You can e-mail us your ideas, or post them in the Suggestions forum.