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I have a pair of questions related to moldings and lights in version X14 of Chief Architect.

I have a basic knowledge about moldings and I don’t know how to build a “molding inside a molding” (pictures attached)? I just created a symbol but it doesn’t look so realistic.:unsure:

I though about a solid polyline but it doesn’t allow moldings. If I make a molding polyline I can’t rotate it properly.:(

Another doubt is when I worked with version X12 all lamps in general gave light enough. In version X14 everything looks almost in half-light. I tried to manipulate the data light of lamps getting no results.:unsure:

Whatever idea will be welcome. Many thanks!:)



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1 hour ago, marlem2000 said:

“molding inside a molding”

This is a 3D molding line with second molding offset with a wall material region in the center. If you want to convert to a symbol then need a solid in the center instead. Plan attached with a few options if you want to have top bottom spacing not equal to side spacing.


Lights- yes there are differences from X12. It looks as if you are using standard view, lights show better in PBR even without ray tracing on (put your computer spec in signature please)

Left side shows PBR, right side shows standard.


Dbl molding

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Many thanks for the answer, MarkMc!:D I've been trying to repeat the exercise the same way you did but I think I'm getting problems with the measures of my soft. I work with metres but I applied your units thinking that the programme would convert them. I think something went wrong cos the result was not what I expected.:unsure:

I didn't find a way to change the right measures in the Number style...option.

About the lights, I found out that I'm not placing lamps properly cos ilumination is not enough yet. I'll keep on studying about this. Thanks!:)



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Something I'm doing wrong when I set the angle of the molding. I don't know why but, after adding the parameters, they are automatically changed. I'm working with a rectangular polyline. I don't know if it's the right shape to start with. :unsure:



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8 minutes ago, marlem2000 said:

I don't know why but, after adding the parameters,

The only parameter to alter would be the molding vertical offset.

If "selected line" is changing on it's own I don't know why.

Here are the selected line settings for vertical what I sent you, I simply drew a rectangle and this is what those were.



and horizontal


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