Roof Overhang Area for 2-Story Electrical Plan


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On a 2-story house, I display all roof planes on one floor (typically the first floor) for the roof view plan.  But for the electrical plan, I'd like to show the second floor roof on the second floor so I can indicate where the soffit lighting is.  Can I have a roof plan that shows all roof planes and also show the roof planes separately on the electrical plan?  If so, how?

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I'm not sure from your picture if that is what you want.  If it is, then great, you're done.


There are a couple of different ways you can do this, but I think a very useful tool is to use the reference display.  You can display as many different floors as you like using what ever layer sets you want using the reference display.


So if you have roof planes on different floors but you want to see them all in one view, you can create a reference display for each floor and use a layer set that just displays the roof.  This can be used instead of the "display on floor above" tool.


If all of your roof planes are displaying on one floor, but you only want to see some of them, you can put them on different layers so that you can just display the ones you want.  But if the roof planes are on a different floor, you will need to turn on reference display to see them.


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