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Generated Door Window and room finish schedules, first time with X6. I noticed when reviewing the finish schedule, that the room names were all "unspecified". I opened several of the room dbx's, and made sure the designation was selected for each room i.e. Master Bedroom. In some cases where I had rooms that they wanted to use a different designation i.e. Game room (no room designation in the table) I selected family room, then selected use the name I assigned to it.

Looking back at the finish schedule nothing had updated.  All the rooms still show unspecified. I deleted the finish schedule, then regenerated it, and still the room names have not updated.


Is this typical? I could not select a specific room on the schedule and change it's name from unspecified to the desired room name.

I was going to review the finish schedule with the client and their ID tonight, but doesn't appear it will be of any advantage except to just print it out and let them mark each room and it's finishes.


User ERROR I'm sure!

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