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Hi everyone, I thought I'd raise a topic before submitting a feature request to Chief. I'd like to hear the thoughts of others on this topic:

For larger windows and doors, I often need to spec. the header on the floor plan. Currently I'm using a cad line with a label to show this in plan view. But, because I actually change the framing for these openings in the Framing tab of the door / window dialog, I thought it might be a nice feature to be able to change the layer and the material of the header in the Framing tab, without affecting automatic wall framing.

We can already change the header label layer so this would seem like a logical addition of function. This would neatly enable us to display those headers (that are outside the norm) while we're making those changes to the model. This would also enable us to set this up in our default plans which should ultimately become a bit of a time saver.


One example: a 16' wide garage door. In almost every plan, I need to show these with an LVL header. It would be great to be able to control its material and layer without affecting automatic wall framing, all from the Framing tab of the Door Specification dialog.


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This is how I've ended up handling the exterior wall opening specification.

It's not exactly how I'd like to do it necessarily but I am able to communicate all the opening specifications this way without making a complete mess of the print.

Each exterior opening has a unique identifier which corresponds with a schedule listing all the specifications for that wall opening.






Hope this helps.



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