X14 for Apple M1 Chip Working in iPad


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Now that X14 is coded to work on the Apple M1 Architecture natively without Rosetta 2, I am wondering if there has been any discussion about it running on an iPad Pro?  

My understanding was Apple was moving all of their processors to an ARM based architecture with the intention to enable all software coded for one of their devices to run on all their other devices without having to get into costly recoding.


This would be so helpful to our design workflow and for our crews to have access to read-only plan files out of the office.  Even just brainstorming out new ideas would be significantly easier from anywhere with an iPad.

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That I don't know but I think I remember hearing that Photoshop was ported over to the new iPads with M1 chips by Adobe.  I am hearing more and more rumours of software that was built for the Mac being ported for these new M1 iPads so it at least finally seems "possible"...not sure on probable.

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