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  1. Clearly, the right thing to do would be to allow anyone with a current SSA license, to perpetually be able to buy other SSA licenses. Shame on you for not recognizing this.
  2. What pisses me off is that I am a small architecture firm that has been using chief architect for nearly 20 years. I call that a relationship. And now chief is twisting our arms. What happens when my firm grows, and I need more than the two current licenses I have? I have to pay five times more per year for each additional license? Are you freaking kidding me? That’s not a relationship. I’ve led many customers to you, and I am simply betrayed. I beg you to fix this.
  3. What changes can we expect to SSA prices can we expect over the years to come???! I feel like I just got suckered into a timeshare maintenance plan that keeps going up. So incredibly disappointed in you, chief architect.
  4. I've been trying to do a mitered corner stair down from a patio to grade; the patio was created as a "slab". Do corner stairs ONLY work for Decks? If so, do I need to use the deck tool and modify it to a patio? Seems counter-productive... While I'm asking, what is the best practice for making a patio? convert a polyline to a slab? make a room? Solid? Thank you!
  5. Thanks all. So it doesn't seem like too much of a pain.
  6. I've used Chief since like v6, and I've never had this problem. I was always able to take an existing vanity, move it, and the walls would stop it so I could easily tuck it in a corner. Or at least snap to another vanity corner. Right now, the walls are not stopping the vanity. Similar with windows - I could slide them up to one another and they'd stop. Now, they fly right through eachother. Did a setting of mine get messed up somewhere? I have been searching through preferences and defaults. Thanks in advance!
  7. I've always used Chief only from a laptop. I'm about to buy a more powerful desktop for my office. I understand I can install Chief on two devices (my laptop and new desktop). Am I going to need to de-activate my desktop everytime after working on it if I want to work on my laptop from home? Can I switch licenses from my laptop if I left it open on my desktop at the office? It sounds like it could be a real PITA. Can anyone advise on this? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I had already reinstalled Chief this morning (with the new fix) before calling tech support. It didn't work, but Tyler told me the temporary fix for my issue was to change scaling to 100%. Thanks again.
  9. Just to circle back, I spoke with Tyler at Chief Support - super helpful. This is a new issue to them, somewhat related to other issues with the graphics display scaling setting. I have a 4K laptop screen, scaled 250%. The temporary fix is to get the scaling to 100% (and adjust resolution accordingly). Not ideal, but it works, and Chief will address the issue in a future patch. Thanks for all the great help!
  10. I tried it, still no dice. I feel like I just lost a day fighting a bug in Chief....I'll contact tech support tomorrow. The only other thing I can think of is that this file was shared with my drafter, and she said it was crashing on her computer, so maybe it got corrupted? Thanks all for your help!
  11. Thank you, Robert. I followed the instructions and opened from layout, and it still doesn't work. Thank you.
  12. @ Robert Dyck thank you. I tried all you said, but no dice. I must be having a local computer issue.
  13. I even created a new elevation camera. still not working. will reach out to Chief....
  14. I also updated the graphics driver. Nothing.
  15. Please advise... In my ordinary elevation view of the model (.plan), it shows correctly. When I send to layout, the shadows are offset. I've opened and closed the file, sent the elevation "live" to layout (which worked, but I don't want it live), and when I switched to "plot lines", the shadows offset again. Crazy....
  16. Thank you, Ryan. I've just reported the case to Chief. I had a signature line when I used to post actively here many years ago. Chief (or someone) removed it. I'll try to figure out how to make a signature line again. John
  17. Up until now (the past 20 years or so), If I wanted to save an existing plan as (SAVE_AS) a newer iteration, it would always save to the same directory as the original. Now it is saving the last folder I had opened (an entirely different project). I went to Preferences > General > New Plans. My options to "Open and Save As" are either "Last Folder" (clearly not working the way I need it to), or "Use this Folder", which designates a constant folder. I need to save it in the original file's folder. Why is this an issue? Help please!!!! Thanks, John John Jones Architect LLC 203.227.9817
  18. I've had a 3D connexion sitting in my drawer for the past 5 years. I tried it a few times but just didn't get used to it. I suppose I should make a better push at making it work!
  19. I feel like I've lost my mind.... I used to be able to change the layer set right within the layers dialog box. Now, I try what I always used to do, click on the layer set I want, click "Okay", and nothing changes. Has it become more difficult to do something so basic? Thank you!
  20. While the ability to reshape layout boxes is pretty cool, I'm seriously disappointed in the lost of control over views sent to the layout sheet. If I want 8 images identical in size on a layout sheet, I used to be able to send to layout, and edit the box length (say 8"), with "retain aspect ratio" checked. Does this not exist anymore? Thanks! John
  21. Thank you both - I went back to v8, exported and imported per Joseph. Did the trick!
  22. Thank you, Solver. Could you give me a hint on how to do that? If I open a default window from an old file, I'll see "THIN" under Style for Exterior Millwork Above Casing... but I can't seem to isolate the thin trim to add it to my Library. I've been on Chief since version 8; you'd think I'd know how to do this by now : )
  23. Hi All, Around the time X9 came out I noticed that the TRIMMED and THIN capitals (under Millwork/Mantels,Lintels,Sills...) disappeared. These have been "Go-To" capitals for windows for me. Perhaps I inadvertently deleted them? OR CA did them in? Can someone please help me get them back in my Library???? Thank you!!!!!!! John Jones