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All of a sudden I am getting siding pattern in windows on exterior 3D views.  Any ideas?

Are you kidding me?  What kind of a question is that.  Siding pattern in the glass?  in the frame?  in the sash?  I see you are a newbie......  I know.... calling you a newbie is not politically correct....  I was chastised for using this term not too long ago.....  you must be a bit more clear when posing a question and when you are clearer,  I guarantee you will have your question answered within 10 minutes.........  

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More specifics:  the siding pattern in showing in the glass area. 



Post the plan,  but if I had to guess,  you changed the glass material to siding....  doesn't that make sense?  You see the glass material as siding,  so somehow you change the material to siding.


I must admit,  I love newbie questions,   I always learn something new from the Newbie questions,  so keep posting,  just give us more info to help you.

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