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Is there a way to make general framing members (manually added in the plan) that are longer than the longest item listed on the framing member reporting schedule to consolidate into a Qty of items on the list? 

Example: if I had a row of strapping 23'6" long, how can I get the Materials List to report as a count of 2 pcs 3/4" x 3-1/2" x 12' instead of the length count of 24'?


It seems that CA Premier X13 wants to only report the "Buy Option For Long Board Runs" in Actual or Linear length (LFT) and not a Count of items on the list.

I was successful with making some items use the Material Data Size to change the sq ft to a Pc Count in the formulas. This was with items like soffit that are not able to stand alone in the plan like a framing member. The best solution to a stand alone item that follows a Material_Data_Size to report a pc count (instead of =Length) in the formula, is a polyline solid. I'm hoping that there is an easier way (toggle option maybe) so I can use the general framing tool.

X3 Video .png

Material List Reporting.png

Sample - Material List Issue.plan

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Not with a Single pc lying on the ground like that but if the Strapping ( seen as a girt in CA X13 ) is in the Wall definition and the longest length is 12' in the buy List and is the Priority length ( above 8+10' pcs ) it will report automatically it looks like.


* pretty sad they are still using X3 Videos.....




image.thumb.png.26e561a795cf1d55f34f25fa1197adee.png image.thumb.png.48dc66ceeed58f3fb8959b9e5b73345a.png     




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