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The wall shared between the garage and the house needs help. I cant get the part of the wall that continues as part of the house to have the correct wall covering. Iv tried dividing the wall to be separate but nothing Iv tried has worked. Im uploading the .plan . My house burnt down 3 years ago and I am now starting to rebuild bc the insurance made us get a layer and its been a nightmare dealing with them and the mortgage company. I need to get these construction documents done and the learning curb is viscous. The help I got with my last problem could have been avoided if I just did some research but research karenctfinal.plant helping me this time. please help


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It's not clear which material you are having a problem with (interior vs. exterior, above or below)?  Posting a picture of the problem area can go a long way towards helping people understand.  I opened up a camera view and I could not tell what you wanted different.


Also, most people are probably unavailable this holiday weekend.


If all else fails, you may wish to contact tech support during their normal business hours tomorrow.

floor overview.png

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