Set project coordinates for accurate sun angle

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First day with Chief Architect, so this is a newbie tip for sure. I came across Edit > Preferences > CAD. In the Sun Angle section, you want to set your project's latitude and longitude. The default is Blanchard, Idaho. You don't have to change it for every project in the same region, but if you're in Texas, it will likely make a difference.


My tip is how to find your latitude and longitude. Go to Search for a specific address, or your town, and look at the URL in the address bar:


The URL will start something like this:,-95.0591303,11z/


The first number after the @ sign is the latitude. Select North if the number is positive, South if it's negative.

The second number is the longitude. Select West if the number is negative (as in, the western hemisphere) or East if the number is positive (such as most of Europe and Asia).


Hope it helps.

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Good tip.  To add to it though:


If you're using Google, you can actually just right click anywhere on the map and then left click on the coordinates that pop up and they'll copy to your clipboard...


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