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  1. Oh my! This is great news, thank you! What is the difference between a Ray Trace and a PBR RTRT? Sorry I'm not super techie
  2. I find with my Macbook that I need to paste all text copied from a website into text edit and then copy from text edit and paste into the software program I am using. It eliminates a ton of issues for me. Curious how your Macbook is performing, thinking about getting a new MBP but I just hate that CA doesn't support Ray Trace on a MBP. I love this feature and feel it is necessary to help a client visual themselves in the room. It makes our business look like the top professional in our area. I despise PC - the Mac ecosystem is the best. Would LOVE to see what a 3D image looks like on your new MBP.
  3. Chieftans, I need to add a covered deck to the front of this plan with a mansard curved roof. It is attached to a full gable one a half story wall. I can not get it to work. I've attached the plan if you would like to look at it. Without the deck drawn I 'build roof' and ignore second floor and get a perfect gable wall with 10 - 12 pitch on the roof. As soon as I add the deck and add in the wall criteria for the mansard pitch and 'build roof' I get this horrible roof configuration. See images. Would LOVE to know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any support! Altizer_Chinkapin_Cottage_Edited-door move.plan
  4. I have used a cylinder and made 4x4 post to show where existing posts are in a basement. I want to move them to exact location they are from the exterior walls. I am completely perplexed as to how to do this. I've tried using end to end dimension but when I click the cylinder and hover over the end to end dimension my cursor won't change so I can manually enter the dimension. Any thoughts anyone?
  5. Thank you David. I went to the second floor added a wall to define the living area and then selected the room definition as 'open below'. Now in full camera view from the first floor I see the sky. Is there another way to remove the second floor and keep the roof? Grateful,
  6. Hey Chiefs, I'm working on an existing home one and half story plan. The living room is a cathedral ceiling, I have unchecked the box 'ceiling over this room' - yet in full camera view it still shows the ceiling over the room. I'm sure I'm missing a simple vital step but I'm not certain what it is. I've attached the plan for anyone eager and more intelligent than I to figure this out. Grateful for any suggestions 1.5_story_cathedral_ceiling.plan
  7. Hi Wendy - where might I find your videos? I might be missing something but I can't seem to find a link. Grateful for your time invested in these would love to see them!
  8. I'm working on a plan with an arched door but I need it to be a dutch door. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to modify an arch door. I inserted a Therma-Tru Classic_CraftRustic_CCR100R NoGlass door but I don't see anyway to make it a dutch door. Any guidance is appreciated. Grateful for all of you!
  9. I need their 24" induction cooktop. I'd resize a cooktop in the library but I am not able to figure out how to do this. Any suggestions?
  10. Thank you Scott and Rich! I was able to find it! Your advice along with perusing the X6 Help File with the correct word search and I found this: Previews vs Final Views With the exception of Vector Views, 3D views are generated using the Preview settings in the Preferences dialog. Rather than produce the best quality possible, the installed settings for Previews generate 3D views quickly but with reasonable quality, and are best when working on the model in 3D. See Render Panel. Final Views produce much higher quality images that are more suitable for printing or saving as graphics files. Final Views often take significantly longer to generate than Previews, so the 3D view reverts back to the Preview settings as soon as anything is changed within the view. When you have finished making adjustments in the 3D view, select 3D> Camera View Options> Final View or Final View with Shadows. I'm amazed at how fast the Final View with Shadows populates, whoa! Very happy with my Mac
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Scott. Unfortunately when trying your suggestions I don't get the Final View with Shadows options. See screenshots. Any other suggestions? Take the camera and change offers these options: Changing the defaults offers these options:
  12. How do I turn on Camera Final View with Shadows in X6 on a Mac? See attached image, mine is grayed out. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Hi Drawzilla! Yes I believe it is turned on - see image and let me know if it's not and what I need to do to turn it on? Thanks so much!
  14. Hi Gene, Thank you for taking the time to review my question and offer some advice. I need the light strip in the cabinet to shine light to illuminate the cabinet. The problem is when placing the light strip inside the cabinet it disappears in camera view I know this because the only light showing in the cabinet is that from the lamp and ceiling fan. In the inserted image where the light strip is pulled out in front of the cabinet you see the light fill the cabinet and filter through the glass. As soon as I move the light strip back inside the wall cabinet, the light strip disappears along with all its light. Regarding hiding the light strip, I plan on placing a piece of trim on the top of the cabinet that will hide the light strip - just like in the real world, but I need the light to show. I initially tried to insert a puck light, but I could not get it to stick to the top of the cabinet and shine light - no matter how much I adjusted the materials controls. Unfortunately there are no step by step instructions on how to insert a puck light in a cabinet. I've tried and tried for two weeks and last week I thought I'd try this LED light strip. With the LED light strip at least I have the option of adjusting the height to get it in the top of the cabinet. See image below of floor plan view with a 'puck above cabinet' inserted to the right built-in wall cabinet and the Electrical Service Specification Box General Tab Here is the 'puck above cabinet' and the Electrical Service Specification Box Light Data See image below of floor plan view with a 'puck' inserted to the right built-in wall cabinet and the Electrical Service Specification Box General Tab Here is the 'puck' and the Electric Service Specification Box Light Data Below is the camera view of the 'puck' and 'puck above cabinet' in the right built-in and the LED light strip in the left built-in set inside the cabinet. Thanks again for your input - I truly appreciate your advice!
  15. GlennW - thank you - could you please post a video! Or even better how about a ChiefArchitect Quick Tip Video that gives GlennW the credit for coming up with this solution!
  16. Thanks Alaskan_Son! HumbleChief - thanks for the tip on inserting the image within the post. It greatly helps when writing a story of my issue, as I did here:
  17. I am having a difficult time adding lighting to the inside top board of a custom wall cabinet. I downloaded an LED light strip from 3D Warehouse and imported it into X6. Each time I adjust the measurement so it will align inside top of the cabinet it disappears in full camera view. If I pull it out in front of the wall cabinet it reappears. Here is the light strip in front of the cabinet, you can see the light strip easily. To create the fireplace built-in - I inserted a wall and base cabinet and adjusted the floor height of the wall cabinet so it sits just beneath the top of the base cabinet to create the look of one piece of furniture into a base cabinet to create a built in look on either side of a fireplace. Here is the full built-in. Here is the floor plan showing the light strip in front of the wall cabinet, which is what you see in the first image above in the full camera view. Below is the floor plan showing the LED light strip moved into the cabinet Here is the full camera view of what I see once the LED light is moved into the cabinet - the LED light disappears. I have the height of the image adjusted to several inches below the inside top of the cabinet, so I can see it when I move it into the cabinet so I know the top of the cabinet is not hiding the LED light strip. I'm out of ideas. I simply want to put a good amount light in the top of this wall cabinet to shine through all the glass shelving. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this to work on my mac I'd be most appreciative. This has stumped me for two weeks!
  18. How do I attach screen shots of my X6 to provide a visual of the problems I'm having?