Associating a layer set with a saved cross section

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Hello Chiefs,

I've created a custom layer set by copying the "Section View Layer" set and turning on display of fences.

I then associate one of my cross section views with this custom layer set, save the active camera, send it to layout, and all is fine...Until I close the cross section and update the layout view again.  The cross section view always reverts to the basic section view layer set after I close it, and the association to my custom layer set is lost.

What am I doing wrong?  How can I associate my cross section view permanently with my custom layer set?

As always, any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.


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3 hours ago, ChiefRoland said:

Yes, I am.  Is this something that was fixed in X12?



No.  Cross sections/elevations have some quirky behaviors in both X11 and X12.  The controls and behaviors are just a little bit different is all.  Cross Section/Elevation cameras sent to layout always seem to reference the layer set they were originally sent with though unless you either change the layer set at the layout box level using the Layout Box Layers tool OR if you click YES when you get the little Update View to Layout pop-up.  The layout box DOES however seem to remember the layer on/off settings temporarily under certain circumstances. 

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So the Layout Box Layer Set was indeed the issue.  I hadn't seen this setting and was trying to control it with the cross section view, only to be overridden by the layout box setting.

So thank you Michael.

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