What am I doing wrong to have all these lines in my way?

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I placed a Simpson LUC210(Z) into a plan as part of creating a specific detail, and the hanger imports with all kinds of extra lines all over it.  They are NOT selectable, and the only fix I found so far is to create a CAD detail, and then I could manually delete them.


Is there a setting I have turned on that is creating this issue?


The same condition occurs when I drew circles to represent the cross-section of rebar......unselectable target reticles appear and can not be removed unless turned into a CAD detail.


I do NOT need or want these lines, so I hope there is a setting I can turn off.


I made a video of what I'm seeing.



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Ding Ding Ding


I have no idea how I turned that on.  This is the first time I'm trying to create details in CA instead of AutoCAD and I was losing hope that I could go 100% CA.


Thanks much.

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