Framed walls show up as concrete walls and cannot be selected, erased, or edited.

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Poof!  My first floor walls, in plan view are now showing up as concrete walls.  If I click on wall, it shadows the 2x6 exterior wall...almost as if it is acting as a pony wall with the lower wall a concrete and the lower wall showing in plan view.
If I do an elevation view, all of the walls appear as they should in any plan view.

I was playing around with some polyline solids to use as fascia trim when the disaster happened if that has any bering.
The file size is too large so it will not upload, but here are two screenshot.  One is showing the working plan view, and everything there is as it should be.  When I change to the Floor Plan Dimensioned View, the exterior walls are masked by what appears to be a concrete wall for all the exterior walls.
I have turned all layers off yet those walls remain.  All layers are unlocked, yet I cannot click on those walls. 

Thanks in advance for any help.



Screenshot Fl. Pl. View.jpg

Screenshot Work. Pl. View.jpg

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Hard to tell but possibly you have reference layer view setup showing the foundation walls below?


Probably best to upload your plan file otherwise we are just guessing on this one.

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I really can't believe I did not see that. Oh well, since I am a Chief newbie (started in the late 90's) I will stop pulling the rope on my ass kicking machine, forgive myself for this grievous error and say a heart felt thank you for that guess!



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