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There is no data in the file you attached.

You need to close the plan in Chief before attaching.

Take a couple of deep breaths and we will see what we can sort out in the Skype session tomorrow.

Breathing deeply and uploading another zip. Pre Zip is 17098KBs-Zipped file is 3166KBs so I assume the data is there for you. I opened it from the post to my temp file and the plan data shows up, I guess that means the data is there.

Let me know ASAP if not, I don't know what else to do.

Lake House Plan 1 from

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I worked on the last updated plan I attached that was saved before to attempt to get all the geometry the same. All main floor ceiling heights (except great room) are all the same. I can go back later and make sure the stem wall heights are the same that shouldn't affect the roof.

I also cleaned up the INTERIOR dimensions of all main floor, adjusted the basement wall per the client to line up inside to inside with walls on main floor to provide a ledge for the rock to sit on.

See the attached and latest updated plan

I hope the file has data in it, the pre zip was 16326KB and the zip only shows 1KB.


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I started building your roof manually from left to right, actually done hard

Parts as per your sketch. 2ndly I couldn't figure out whether you discarded what you have done before in the middle part of your house, but that part is easy to make it your previous one. Any way try to post the sketch of what exactly you like the rest of your building to look like. Here are some pictures of the finished parts,just a little tweek remains.





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I worked on this for a little while and fixed some areas on the roofs.

I noticed that you had many different roof pitches and ceiling heights. I did as close as i could to what it looked like you were trying to achieve..

The turret roof i did not have time to fix but i got it started for you.

If you have any ? let me know.. I also noticed that some walls did not line up and some had odd dimensions for them, i was not sure if this was what you wanted or they moved try to get the roofs to work.




1.12.2015David Baker Lake House updated

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  • Solution

I'd like to THANK ALL OF YOU for the help, constructive criticism, the fixes suggested, the work you did on the plan updates.....BELIEVE ME is worth so much more than a THANK YOU!.

I MUST thank Glenn Woodward the MOST, for changing my DIAPER, and taking me by the hand and TEACHING/SHOWING ME where I went wrong and TURNING a miserable WEEK-end for me, into a SUCCESSFUL finale! At least the main issues are 99.99% solved and NOW I can move on with adding the ARCHITECTURAL garnish, and start working on the elaborate details that have been ADDED by the client.


Hopefully, after their progress plan review this week, they will TURN me loose to do that, and WILL STOP making so many more changes.  I've got to get the thing nailed down if they want me to start sending cad files to their respective MECH/ELEC/STRUCT/ CIVIL Engineers.




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