Wall join example.... driving me nuts

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Hi all, I am watching videos, reading, and trying to learn from others. Here is a classic wall join deal for me with three wall types coming together. Exterior CMU for standard exterior walls but with insulation+furring+DW, exterior garage walls with just struck block, and an interior frame sheer wall to make the garage. Here is a test plan that shows the detail. The funny is I have done some cool stuff, but when I get this dissimilar wall need, I slow down badly.


1) Ideally, the three exterior garage walls should come into the main exterior walls just like it is. That is exactly how it would be built in the field. These are two distinct wall types.

2) The issue comes in when I need to put in that interior shear wall as indicated by the revision clouds (an example is that interior wall just sitting there with the door in it).

3) I have read up on object snaps, etc. I have put wall breaks in, moved the interior wall in, etc. But I keep getting the same issue. The intersections get all wonky. The wall join tool has no effect. I have used the wall intersection tool to some degree and sometimes it seems to work out and others not so much. The result is a break in the drywall, on either side, etc. The reference guide is light.  I have found a few videos on the site, but I am not getting this right just yet.


This video is getting me close...





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OK, the video drove something home, reverse the layers to get it to line up. I did that, tweaked the intersections a bit, and this is what I got. It looks perfect to me, see if yall see some buggers. You can see the CAD lines I used to precisely set the wall break.


I am familiar with the General Wall Defaults on the "Resize about" settings. My understanding is this can affect how the walls come together, not just on resizing. Do I have this right?

wall joins.plan

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Try using small sections of room divider walls at right angles to where you want your existing walls to not join automatically. 

Here is a great video on the wall join tool…



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The bit about the exterior side, combined with the snaps control, and the mastery of the wall intersection tool is the trick. I now have a bunch of walls successfully joined. Those little nits really cost me a bunch of time but finally there.... for now :-).


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