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I am doing a bathroom and using the new Kohler Brockway red sink (See attached)  I was able to download the symbol from 3D WH, however, I cant find the faucet and small soap dish that goes with it.  Does anyone happen to have the full set up or at least the faucet?  Thanks bunches 

Kohler  Brockway  48 Inch.jpg

Wall Sink.jpg

Wall Sink Faucet.png

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The faucet at least is available at the Kohler web site BUT the down side is it's a Revit model. Saw one suggestion to download a trial version for a onesy situation. I just took a look over at Autodesk- you can get a trial version free, I've not found limitations but they may be there. I also saw that Revit light can be had for $475 /yr. I may look into that myself as there are enough Revit models out there that could make it worth the $$ for me. (I'll put on my list- maybe when I'm slack and just go to town for a bit converting models-will see what happens there.;)

The soap dish depending on how clean and accurate it needs to be wouldn't be that bad to just make.

Not as simple but I've hacked things like that from other models in Chief- takes a batch of generations and likely faster to do in something else OR just pay some SU guy to do it. (every now and then a SU person has free time and takes pity, maybe get lucky)

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Plenty of Chief users here who use Revit and/or Archicad. Maybe try posting over in the seeking services section and see if somebody is willing to do some occasional conversions for you.  

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23 hours ago, RobUSMC said:

at least the faucet?

Decided to see if trial of Revit Lite works-it does

So here is faucet in a plan. I didn't fuss much with any of it-has a lot of faces so be careful. I'd maybe try mesh reduction on it if I really needed it but in middle of loading this machine up.

I noticed that is a monthly subscription option for Revit Lite but it total$ to more than yearly. It still might suit my needs better if it's easier to re-instate, somewhere down the road ...

Faucet plan.plan

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