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  Good day all! I am in the final stages of a set of plans I have been working on before I start all my noting, labeling and measurements. On my elevation I seem to have some issues that I have not been able to work around as of yet.  Still somewhat in the learning curve of CA so hoping someone can help out.


  On my front elevation, the stonework goes under the door. It was not doing this when the floor in the garage was set to be supplied by the foundation room below. For the sake of aesthetics, I could leave it set as that but was curious if there was a way around this just to have it done "properly". The door stays up the 4" for the floor so the wall continues under it.


  Also on the front elevation and rear elevation, you can see the break in the siding where the wall meets the base of the gable wall. I have tried setting these walls to "Balloon Through Ceiling" to connect the attic walls with the main floor walls but that has not worked. On the rear elevation you can also see a line where the railing is that I assume is an invisible wall showing up for the railing?


  On the right and front elevation you can see that there is a notch out of the foundation wall at the footing. It seems like the footing is causing this but when I move the footings or walls around it just makes a mess. I included a 3D shot of the notch as well.


  On the right elevation, there is a bit of wall missing where the garage wall meets the house wall. There is a perpendicular wall in there separating the house from the garage. Being inside, it is set to a Frame 5 1/2 wall rather than a Siding-6 wall. That little spot I am not overly worried about but would love to know if there is a quick fix to eliminate that. I think that covers all of my problems for now. If anyone has ideas, it would be much appreciated!





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There are many guesses possible for the causes of these (probably) slight issues. Post your plan file and it will be a lot easier to trouble shoot the real causes. For the wall to attic wall issue, did you modify your wall while in an elevation view?

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A couple of things. If you have the garage front wall set to balloon frame, it is creating an overlap with the attic wall. The same thing is happening on the wall at plan right (east?) at the master bedroom. Delete those attic walls to eliminate that conflict.


1. go to the attic level in plan and select the wall

2. on the wall dbx General tab, uncheck attic wall, now you can delete the wall


As shown on the east elevation, you have added a wall covering. You need to simply change your siding type. Did you use the material painter on the wall exterior? That is not a good tool for changing the wall finish if that is what you did.


For the garage wall, if you want that look with the stone skirt you need to make that wall a pony wall in order to get the materials to read properly.




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