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Would anyone know what controls the corner board command from working properly. I'm quite sure is something I have done incorrectly but danged if I can figure it out. but icon doesn't show up like it used to as a corner board as well, but when I click inside and outside corners, I get nothing. I have one or two places I can get them and that's about it

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Can you be a bit more clearer about what you are doing.

Corner boards can be placed auto all in one go, or they can be placed individually.

Are you trying to manually place them or auto?

Are you using Drop Down toolbars or Child Tool Pallet?

The Corner Boards icon will not show if it wasn't the last tool used.

The drop down toolbars only show the last tool used from the dropdown.

It may show Quoins (auto or manual), Corner Boards (auto or manual), or Molding Polyline or Molding Line.


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