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16 hours ago, RobUSMC said:

Does anyone have a curved hood with banding like the one I have attached.  We are doing a black hood with gold banding. Thanks for any help



Vent-A-Hood Wall Mount Range Hood VJDH348C2SS.jpg


I'm curious, why can't you use that one?  It looks to me like that's an image of a 3D model you already have.

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  • 2 years later...

Thanks.  It was a full custom hood built by Vent-A-Hood. They have about 75 colors they will powder coat and an endless selection of metal trim bands, rivets, bolts and texture finishes.  Other nice thing is the factory in right here in Dallas and can just go over and design it on the spot and order.  This one took about 8 weeks and included all the four magic lung blower motors.  The best ventilation system I've ever used over the past 28 years.   FYI... I dont work for Vent-A-Hood but would be nice to have them in the Chief library.  Attached a few other cool hoods we've used over the years

Curb 2017 Tice Lo Rez 702.jpg

Roskopf 102245.jpg

Jacob Hood.jpg

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