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i have been designing and building custom homes for 30 years.  I have also built numerous architect-designed homes.


I enjoy drawing floor plans by hand with a pencil and T-square.  Once the floor plans are resolved and dimensioned, I typically engage a CAD draftsman to create the construction documents.


I purchased Chief last year and after working with the software for a while could create a simple set of plans.  However, i realized that it would take me a long time working with the software to be able to take them to the level of detail that I want to achieve.


I am looking for an Chief expert who would be interested in


1.drawing my house plans (based on hand drawings/details i provide) and taking them to substantial completion

2. creating custom templates to be refined and used on successive projects

3. consulting work to help me use the files for each project to make modifications, to print documents, create as-built sets of plans for each house, etc.


I have one plan to start working on in January 2021, and one or two additional plans next spring/summer.


If anyone is interested please let me know.



Marc Propst

WNC DesignBuild, Inc.

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I would love to be able to assist you in producing a set of plans.


Services Provided range from Design, Construction Documents through to Renderings and Movies.

Please check out my website and let me know if I can provide you with any of my services.





Exterior Render Example.jpg

Interior Render Example.jpg

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