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  1. ExcelNow2

    Need freelance help to create 3D model

    I have over 20 years experience modeling. Please see my website for modeling and rendering. https://www.southerndraftinganddesign.com/rendering https://www.southerndraftinganddesign.com/3d-modeling
  2. Do you have any licensing in Georgia?
  3. ExcelNow2

    Looking for a Chief Architect expert

    Marc, I would love to be able to assist you in producing a set of plans. Services Provided range from Design, Construction Documents through to Renderings and Movies. Please check out my website and let me know if I can provide you with any of my services. www.SouthernDraftingandDesign.com
  4. ExcelNow2

    Perspective Overview Camera

    After and update from windows/Dell my computer decided to use my motherboards Intel video driver instead of the Nvidia Card for my 1st monitor. I decided to check this after I discovered that the perspective view works fine on my 2nd monitor. Oddly, Advanced display settings say the Nvidia Card is running both monitors. I am going to uninstall the intel diver to see what happens.
  5. ExcelNow2

    Perspective Overview Camera

    chief is using the video card. It is listed in the preferences. Not sure where else to look but I must find the answer
  6. ExcelNow2

    Perspective Overview Camera

    My issue is with Perspective view also. In x12 I cant get to the welcome screen when I start the program. I can right click on a CA file select open with. CA x12 will open the floor plan & I can work in it. The moment I select perspective view CA X12 Locks up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried the repair option to no avail. Next I will try to see if the video drivers need updating.
  7. ExcelNow2

    How do I Scale up a Site Plan?

    I tried it with the feet setting. Initially it looked like it worked properly, but when I went to draw the terrain street, the street was tiny. It was then that I remembered that I scaled up the dwg in the CAD file in order to try to get the correct scale in chief. So back I go into the original file sent by the Civil Engineer to scale everything back down again. Another Hour and a half wait to complete the interpolation. So I start the whole process again to make sure I get it right. Hooray! I finally got it right. Thank you all for you input and help!
  8. ExcelNow2

    How do I Scale up a Site Plan?

    Oh, My! I am pretty sure that I set it as inches. Wow I am excited already. I am going to try the new setting right now. I bet you were Right Joey. Also I did have to spend some time going through 182 layers to find the 3 layers that I needed to import. I t takes a while for the compute to interpolate
  9. I have recently done a movie for a client driving through a community. Recently the Site Plan has been redone to show the real slope of the land. I keep inserting the "dwg" site plan with the topos, but the scale is wrong. I realize the scale is wrong when I draw a street and the width of the street is bigger than the community. I have tried scaling up the "dwg" before inserting, but the same thing keeps happening. What am I doing wrong? 04-29-20 637 & 667 Puckett Drive Siteplan.dwg