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  1. I have over 20 years experience modeling. Please see my website for modeling and rendering. https://www.southerndraftinganddesign.com/rendering https://www.southerndraftinganddesign.com/3d-modeling
  2. Marc, I would love to be able to assist you in producing a set of plans. Services Provided range from Design, Construction Documents through to Renderings and Movies. Please check out my website and let me know if I can provide you with any of my services. www.SouthernDraftingandDesign.com
  3. After and update from windows/Dell my computer decided to use my motherboards Intel video driver instead of the Nvidia Card for my 1st monitor. I decided to check this after I discovered that the perspective view works fine on my 2nd monitor. Oddly, Advanced display settings say the Nvidia Card is running both monitors. I am going to uninstall the intel diver to see what happens.
  4. chief is using the video card. It is listed in the preferences. Not sure where else to look but I must find the answer
  5. My issue is with Perspective view also. In x12 I cant get to the welcome screen when I start the program. I can right click on a CA file select open with. CA x12 will open the floor plan & I can work in it. The moment I select perspective view CA X12 Locks up. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried the repair option to no avail. Next I will try to see if the video drivers need updating.
  6. I tried it with the feet setting. Initially it looked like it worked properly, but when I went to draw the terrain street, the street was tiny. It was then that I remembered that I scaled up the dwg in the CAD file in order to try to get the correct scale in chief. So back I go into the original file sent by the Civil Engineer to scale everything back down again. Another Hour and a half wait to complete the interpolation. So I start the whole process again to make sure I get it right. Hooray! I finally got it right. Thank you all for you input and help!
  7. Oh, My! I am pretty sure that I set it as inches. Wow I am excited already. I am going to try the new setting right now. I bet you were Right Joey. Also I did have to spend some time going through 182 layers to find the 3 layers that I needed to import. I t takes a while for the compute to interpolate
  8. I have recently done a movie for a client driving through a community. Recently the Site Plan has been redone to show the real slope of the land. I keep inserting the "dwg" site plan with the topos, but the scale is wrong. I realize the scale is wrong when I draw a street and the width of the street is bigger than the community. I have tried scaling up the "dwg" before inserting, but the same thing keeps happening. What am I doing wrong? 04-29-20 637 & 667 Puckett Drive Siteplan.dwg