Slab running bond block material 45 deg off on top face

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Why does a slab material have the top face 45 degrees off from the sides?  I was applying a running bond block material and was surprised that it looks incorrect.  Then I noticed that when I opened the Define Material dbx, the preview showed correctly.  I then tried applying it to a polyline solid and it showed correctly.  Is there any reason the slab should show the material differently or is this a bug?  The last image shows the slab on the left and the polyline solid on the right.

2020 10 01 Material angle odd.JPG

2020 10 01 Material angle odd 2.JPG

2020 10 01 Material angle odd 3.JPG

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I guess it really would not make a difference if it was a "concrete" slab but you may have found an exploitable feature.  Unfortunately not quite suitable for your current project though. ;)

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