Wall and Beam Missing

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LeRoy G Wells

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Can anyone tell me why the gable siding above the beam is missing and the beam is also missing

Thank You


Sycamore House - Pam Beverly.zip

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The beam doesn't exist... and secondly that gable wall is either manual or you modified it from being an auto-attic wall, so now it won't auto-update.  You could just manually pull it down at this point if you want to cover the gap, but I recommend re-doing things and letting it auto-build.  The ext. wall type you're using isn't the wall type set for your exterior walls in the default settings.  Change it to the type you're using so the auto-attic-walls will be the right type.
In messing with your plan a bit you've done a lot of things that are probably not the best way to do them.  Did you manually draw or modify your foundation..esp. at the porches??
I would recommend not manually doing anything to the foundation until you've got the plan sorted out and everything done auto as much as possible.  You have 'rooms' under your porch slabs causing weird things to happen when messing with the porch walls.   I recommend going to your foundation level and erasing at least everything where your porches are.  Then on the plan level build the walls for this porch you're talking about (3 walls) and specify as open railing as you did previously, set height accordingly.  Now calling that 'room'  a porch the foundation will form on it's own.  Then later tweak things if needed.  Then you can draw a room divider wall the rest of the way across to create a room to become the rest of the porch.


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Thanks for completing your signature. From now on, you don't need to add the same info to your question.


I took a quick look at the plan, and noticed some unusual wall definitions. 


You have placed the OSB sheathing into the main layer, for example. You have used a 4-1/2" opening no material on the porch beam walls.


The front porch wall that does not show is set as invisible.


Here I changed the railing wall to one with a siding material, and made it visible.



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